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M52327SP Datasheet | Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
Part No. : M52327SP
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
File Size : 853 Kb

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14. Archive log files can be placed on the device you naked? Not. Archive log files must be placed above the regular Unix file system, or go directly into the tape above. 15. I can put more data above raw device file? Not. So you must be very careful when setting raw device. Too small, then quickly run out of space cause, too large, the space is wasted. 16. Raw device for a few should be the same physical disk into it? This is not good. Since the use of raw device is to improve disk access speed. And the number of raw device into the same physical disk will result in reading and writing competition, so for improving the I / O speed is a disadvantage. Should try to spread raw device to a different physical disk, preferably into different disk controllers. This is the best choice.
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