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M52042FP Datasheet | Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
Part No. : M52042FP
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor
File Size : 316 Kb

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Support SATAII interfaces, RAID functions and eSATAII interfaces ASRock 4Core1333-eSATA2 motherboard as with the ICH7R Southbridge chipset, the motherboard in addition to providing four SATAII 3.0 Gb / s interfaces, it also supports RAID, NCQ and AHCI functions, only with ICH7 South Bridge chipset motherboard to other brand P31/G31 no RAID, NCQ and AHCI functions of the. Meanwhile, the board also has eSerial ATAII particular interface, use the back I / Os eSATAII SATAII interface directly connected external devices, can significantly improve the performance of mobile devices. Support for IEEE 1394 interfaces, HDMI_SPDIF pins, PCIE Gigabit LAN was also recommended that the board provides the IEEE 1394 interface, to facilitate the use of digital users. Along with a HDMI_SPDIF pins, providing SPDIF audio output to HDMI VGA card, allows the computer to connect to HDMI digital televisions, projectors, LCD monitors and other equipment.

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