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Part No. : M52036SP
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Manufacturer : Renesas Technology Corp
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Practical exercise is an important way to achieve one of the training effect. In a corporate sales training, when the trainer taught the customer communication skills, will all of the participants were divided into several groups, each group three, namely, code-named A, B, C, A plays first by customers, to find ways to difficulties "sales", B plays a sales staff, must try to convince the "customers", C as a spectator last, A, B an assessment and recommendations; then the role of the next rotation, and B when the client, C when the sales staff, A as bystander ... ... three members of each team to play after the customer, sales staff, the role of spectator, to experience from different perspectives and thinking how to convince customers to understand customers mind, how to use the most objective way find the best communication methods, the training for participants and their instructive, received a very significant results, post-training performance of the companys sales increase over the previous month by 30%. Third, the training regularly review and implement a regular summary

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