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Through the sale of search ads, Google ads have become predators, but it also trying to attract want to promote the brand on the Internet advertisers. Last year, it began to allow advertisers to bid for graphics and animation ads. If you already own a similar advertising sales, refuse to graphical ads may also choose to reject the website video ads. But Google said most of its advertising network sites have agreed to display video ads. Global mobile phone sales in the fourth quarter of 2005 continued to rise, sales of more than 235 million. This is from 2001, Gartner market research since the quarter began, the statistics of the highest quarterly sales. Milanesi added: "The industry experienced record sales, driven by continued strong growth in emerging markets, momentum. In these markets, the price of handsets and service charges fell, bringing sales than expected. In Western Europe and North America more mature markets, new fashion models has attracted many users to replace the phone. "
Googles search service has allowed the company to become the center of the network, if the DNS service success, Googles influence will be even greater. DNSs main task is to retrieve the tracking information you need to reach the address where the server. In general, DNS relies on a store in the 13 root servers in the central address of record, the text domain names into corresponding IP address. But you can only use a few central server to handle billions per second, continuous database request, therefore, DNS data is scattered in many collaborative resolution requests that the server address.

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