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M48Z02-150PC1 Datasheet | STMicroelectronics
Part No. : M48Z02-150PC1
Description : 5V, 16 Kbit (2Kb x 8) ZEROPOWER SRAM
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
File Size : 232 Kb

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Scan Features / many different destinations - the algorithm from a given source IP to connect to the same destination as a flow of multiple streams. To avoid false positives, such as frequent a source node connected to the same target node. Configurable threshold scan - Network administrators can define this type of traffic, a source in the specified period of time to connect multiple streams of different target threshold initiated to determine if the requested block P2P file transfer discrete. That is, if the discrete points over the period of time, you can mark the source of P2P file-sharing node. In marked by the first and second stages of all traffic if the algorithm in the third stage is still marked, the data stream is undoubtedly the P2P file transfer. For these flow rates can be more stringent restrictions. The third stage of the algorithm, a network administrator can configure the threshold value method and the discrete points used to identify P2P P2P file sharing further to the source. In addition, it provides the first and second phases are identified in the gray area of the agreement more granular rate limiting.

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