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Part No. : M30626FHPGP
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Page Number : 87
Manufacturer : Renesas Technology Corp
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Note that the code used in the original floating-point prototype CLDC 1.1. To make the code to run on CLDC 1.0 environment, the code needs to use integers instead of floating point prototyping prototype, as follows. In addition, the article provides the source zip file download also provides a CLDC 1.1 and CLDC1.0 for all the code and a copy of the test class. public class DistanceConversion {public static int feetToMeters {return / 10000;} public static int metersToFeet {return / 1000;} public static int milesToKM {return / 1000;} public static int kmToMiles {return / 10000;}} public class TemperatureConversion {public static int fahrenheitToCelsius {return / 9) * 5;} public static int celsiusToFahrenheit {return / 5) +32;} public static boolean isHotter {return)-degCel) 0;} public static boolean isCooler {return)-degCel) 0; }}
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