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show atm cell-packing command output structure summary: Circuit type display cell packaging configuration mode for the VC. Local MNCP indicating that the local configuration of the MNCP value of 6. Peer MNCP shows the value of other configuration MNCP 6. Displays the local configuration of the MCPT MCPT timeout. Average number of cells received in one packet received from the peer show a cell package contains 6 cell. Average number of cells received in one packet display to the peer to send a letter included in the package 6 per cell. Cell deployment precautions when packaging Cell packing in the plans to use technology, you must network traffic patterns and service level agreements to determine MCPT and MNCP value. By selecting the best MCPT and MNCP value to control the packaging process in the cell delay and jitter caused by the other. Under ideal conditions, the following are MNCP value of 2 and 28 when the cell theory MCPT timeout. This example assumes that the input flow in the Engine 3 ATM OC-3 or OC-12 interfaces to maintain the linear rate. You can use the equation of a design package for your cell network.

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