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M27C801-100F1 Datasheet | STMicroelectronics
Part No. : M27C801-100F1
Description : 8 Mbit (1Mb x 8) UV EPROM and OTP EPROM
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Page Number : 24
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
File Size : 207 Kb

M27C801-100F1 Article About

Another noteworthy is the +100 focusing system used, this line of 9:08 as the central cross AF system inherited from the original Konica Minolta models. From the layout point of view, this should be the most reasonable 9-point AF system. He really covered the area covered the whole range finder frame, compared to the Canon 400D and Nikon AF 9 AF 11-point did not achieve the same effect. It should be said, +100 design of wide-area AF commendable. Although the focus on accuracy and speed, +100 system is still used by the United States can not and past Ke 9 cross double cross center sensor systems comparable. But in the entry-level digital SLR, this is already the best.
It is understood that in the current international market, competition among Internet service providers is very fierce, For firms, relying on one or both products can not long hold strong market advantage, the final result of the competition must be the product lines more manufacturers take advantage of comprehensive enterprise network most of the market. In order to better continue to maintain market share, will own all the network products and solutions packaged into an efficient integrated solution that provides unified integrators and business users, will be an inevitable choice. Toward the high peaks that the system integrator, in the face of business needs of different users, from major manufacturers to provide solutions in the selection of their different solutions, their own combination to the user, the process, the integrators itself bears part of the application of risk. Highly integrated and unified solution for this problem does not exist, because the vendors of enterprise network products developed in line with international standards under the premise of the full exchange of product data, product performance will be superior. From the integrator point of view, one can choose a more enterprise network solutions integration, on the other hand is the business users of services can be more targeted, the advantage of virtually integrators will also play even more fully. "Service providers on the integration issue is a significant issue, but if the choice of a single integrated solution, this problem does not exist, because the single-family product provider can provide more comprehensive and integrated system services, rather than the original, integrators need to communicate between different vendors to coordinate and solve problems with little success. "Fan Zhenhua told reporters," This will be a win-win cooperation. "

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