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M24C64-MN6T Datasheet | STMicroelectronics
Part No. : M24C64-MN6T
Description : 64Kbit and 32Kbit Serial IC Bus EEPROM
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Page Number : 26
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
File Size : 395 Kb

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Mr Bill Green fees that the city, after the wireless network signal is too weak in the room is the main reason for the failure of Earthlink, Earthlink as he praised the efforts made to retain the network. Under the new solution, users can spend $ 200 to buy a repeater amplifier, indoor weak signal amplification. The integration of the motherboard on the market today have a lot of options, once the mainstream 945GC is gradually phased out, the current prices on the market 945GC dropped 300 yuan cheaper price. However, a 945GC motherboard MAXSUN the price is only 299 yuan, the more attractive entry-level users. Recently, this 945GC motherboards in the market again after selling a large number of arrival, to meet the needs of low-end users, motherboard model MS-945GC. Figure MAXSUN MS-945GC MAXSUN MS-945GC motherboard power supply part is commonly used three-phase circuit design, using Japanese high quality solid capacitors Nichicon LF series of large capacity and Nichicon electrolytic capacitors vertical mix design, the Director to take, with 1R0M closed inductance per phase with two MOS tube, and fully guarantee the CPU power supply of pure and stable. Figure MAXSUN MS-945GC MAXSUN MS-945GC motherboard provides two DIMM slots groups, support dual-channel DDR2 667/533 memory modules. Disk, the provision of the 4 high-speed SATA II interface, and IDE devices for the old user interface, the greatest degree of application to meet user needs. Figure MAXSUN MS-945GC extension, MAXSUN MS-945GC motherboard onboard the PCI-E X16 graphics slot, and two PCI slots to meet user demand for graphics upgrades and functions of the expansion. MAXSUN MS-945GC motherboard onboard function part is a practical cost-effective solution, equipped with a ALC655 audio chip and the RTL8100C LAN chip provides six-channel audio and Fast network support. Figure MAXSUN MS-945GCI / O interfaces, in addition to integration were common motherboard, sound, network interfaces, the motherboard is also equipped with old-fashioned printer interface, and COM ports, plus four USB2.0 interface, the application fully meet the needs of office users . Figure MAXSUN MS-945GC Summary: This MAXSUN MS-945GC motherboard while prices Kuangxiang Tai Yuen hundred, but the workmanship that has not diminished, the supply is partly based on solid-state capacitors, the original card also uses a double-lightning circuit, stability, security is very good; 299 yuan in the same ultra-cheap low-end motherboard market integration is also very competitive, is the entry level / office users installed the premium choice! [Brand Model]: MAXSUN MS-945GC [Price]: 299 yuan [business name]: Changzhou Xinzhuosuopu Technology Co., Ltd [Tel] :0519-88027006 8,802,700,586,692,706 8,690,792,086,644,485 [store list]: Computer City D-118 Lenovo Changzhou agent [Product Price]: http://yp.pchome.net/dealer-3141.html [Merchant QQ]: 469527320 For more information please click PCHOME Changzhou sub-station http://cz.pchome. net PCH
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