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Part No. : M104AI
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System signal level can be completely submerged in the noise level among the DS system can work in a negative signal to noise ratio environment, so the system transmit power can be very small, the signal is very weak, so weak spread spectrum signal will be difficult to be found, while the system difficult to decipher and use of very specific spreading codes, so that the system has good concealment and confidentiality. I do not know coupled with spread spectrum coding, more difficult to pick up a useful signal. The very low power spectral density, few would interfere with other telecommunications equipment.
Samsung Semiconductor in an interview at the official summit, AMD vice president of consumer business, said the door Nader, PC have a place in the living room, but they are not the same as the current PC appears. Next year, this type of PC may come out. Try to get into the living room PC companies including Gateway and Compaq, they have tried in the 1990s, sales of PC connectivity and large projection TV, but the high price of the sale. In 2004, Intel CEO Paul Otellini at CES to show the EPC, bulky appearance, noisy fans make the EPC the sale was poor. Later the building became Intel Viiv EPC, but most of the Viiv PC is still not suitable for use in the living room. Intel chips are the computer into the living room, but they are not PC. Toshibas HD-DVD player using x86 chips, a number of set-top box also used Intels chips. So, in the past defeated the living room PC Why now able to succeed? Nader said the door, chip cooling technology has improved, computer makers can get rid of the fan out. Microsofts upcoming Vista support for HD content, which also gives consumers a reason to buy the living room PC.

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