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Recently, ASUS launched in Beijing on the theme of "innovative achievements of the green dream of recruiting elite - the fourth ASUS server hardware platform to build IT Contest." The competition is the third consecutive success of Asus hardware platform to build contest, information technology for small and medium enterprises to explore high-quality IT technical staff to carry out another large-scale competitions. This competition, Asus server learn from past competition experience at the same time, it will be brought about by the current severe economic situation, the special needs of enterprise information into which to tap the more innovative high-quality technical personnel and more practical IT value solutions for the construction of small and medium information technology play a role in promoting the rapid development.
F-engine developed from a variety of techniques are, with completely independent intellectual property rights, the company has undertaken a number of national research projects such as 863, while the application of international standards-based IP access devices for the industry to achieve results and promote national industries technological progress and development play an important role. In the product development process, the flames of the network a total of nearly a hundred pieces of domestic and foreign patent applications, most are technical invention patent, technical innovation and the implementation of patent strategy, and enhance the companys competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, thereby maintaining the company leading position in the domestic industry.

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