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John Cheney, vice president of SurfControl, said: "ISO 27001 is widely recognized as the industry standard for information security is an information security management system standard, which by the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission published in October 2005, is the only guaranteed safety standards. ISO 27001 standard for the integrity of our customers need confidentiality and availability of information to provide the best guidance, this certification shows that continue to make unremitting efforts for SurfControl to provide the best Internet security solutions mating highly recognized. " John also talked about "SurfControl in the security industry is a trusted name of security, opportunity in the ISO 27001 certification, we will ensure that the services we provide to the best standards." On-Demand services through the ISO 27001 certification, SGS United Kingdom for the expansion of services in the market and laid a good foundation, while allowing them to customize the hosting services for the remote has a good safety performance with confidence.
Inquire about "shop manager" of the post is full of networks. Nobody can casually succeed, such a short time, ShopEx "store manager" Why can become the object of attention all the business it? Fang Jian Jia-ping analysis, mainly the "four representative" factors come into play: the brands, network operators select the shopping software is the companys brand value and strength. Always well-known brands trusted by the user. ShopEx is the largest e-commerce software and service providers, e-commerce technology company has won the Best Service Award, Award for outstanding e-commerce service providers, the most valuable e-commerce software, and many other awards, the independent shop in the area of 7 years of dedicated technology and development experience, the spirit of their professional focus has been dedicated to independent research and service shop, shopex have service network of more than 50 million business users, the industry has very high visibility and reputation, its introduction King of products such as distribution, independent shop has always been to solve the system by network operators of all ages. The "store manager" is sought after is what makes sense. By the financial crisis, SMEs operating difficulties, and employment difficult, just e-commerce provides business transformation, to solve an excellent job opportunities. In this regard, the recently held APEC SME Summit in 2009 has formed a consensus that in connection with the United States before the summit, Clinton also could not suppress the scene, talk at length about e-commerce. However, a longer term e-commerce platform for third party network operators are in the after taste the sweetness of e-commerce have desire to have their own brand of e-commerce platform. "Store manager" is

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