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In the current rapid development of the projector, education has always played a great projector proportion. Dust in the projector to enhance technology in general today, the short focus projector will become the leading education the main trend of the future, this has been recognized by many projector manufacturers. Because of the short focus projector can also project a short distance larger picture, it is not only a good solution to the traditional distance of the projector facing the problem, but also solve the speech because the speaker physically block the light projector problems arising from the shadow. And look around the whole education projector market, Epson, every technological innovation, other manufacturers have won the industrys concerns and the broad user acceptance. The projection of Education "Four Little King" has brought a new teaching experience, it will become yet another wave of multimedia teaching.
Functionally, it supports the latest Raptor X hard drive, extended power placement space, so that additional support for EPS power supply; chassis equipped with four wheel chassis, the chassis can be moved easily; side can be installed up to 4 12CM silent fan, and the use of perforated metal mesh design, so as to achieve the most powerful effect of cooling performance and ultra quiet. In addition, extra-thick aluminum chassis, its front door can also be adjusted according to actual demand is about to open the door, all reflect its user-friendly design. This can be seen, Celtic art and this case is the perfect combination of products. If you are a hot loyal to art, the pursuit of individual players. So, this section chassis is definitely a perfect choice! Activity Tip: You can only post comments to this section chassis behind the product to take a Chinese name, if eventually adopted by Cooler Master to get the latest value of 429 yuan in the radiator of a red dragon. Remember to leave your E -MAIL, let you easily collect their prizes. before the award-winning news has been published, please log in winning Cooler Forum query results

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