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LXT944QC Datasheet | Level One
Part No. : LXT944QC
Description : Quad Ethernet Interface Adapter
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Page Number : 26
Manufacturer : Level One
File Size : 1715 Kb

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3. With a switch for LAN interconnect. Bus Hub shared with the bandwidth compared to the switch using the exclusive-style bandwidth, functionality and performance far exceeds the hub. Switches can greatly improve network utilization and reduce conflict within the LAN to improve Internet access speed. Especially in the case of more machines to run simultaneously, the switch will be even greater role. This is a key step breakdown maintenance, and information weve been through, "Wang Wen asked" to collect complete, and this time should have sufficient knowledge of the fault. "Cut" is the failure to solve the actual operation. In problem solving must be based upon the first hard-soft theory, that is not easily suspect hardware failure, because most companies now use computer machines are commercial brand machines, manufacturers of quality and guaranteed Therefore, one should start from the system and software to find reasons. In the repair process to prioritize, and sometimes a machine may have multiple failures. This should start with the main issues when starting a secondary issue in many cases are produced by the major problems, major problems with the elimination of their disappearance. For example, I once repaired a medium of the Blaster computer, when the symptoms are a Internet automatically restart, the problem can not use copy and paste function, the system is running very slow. When I cleared the virus after the main fault system is running too fast up, copy and paste function can also be used normally, because the two faults are associated virus problem.

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