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LXT906PC Datasheet | Level One
Part No. : LXT906PC
Description : Ethernet Twisted-Pair/Coax Adapter
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Level One
File Size : 750 Kb

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Product Review: This set features the biggest performance is the use of advanced 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, as well as the stability of almost uninterrupted signal transmission quality, in no way inferior to similar products, if installed more than friends budget to save money This package is a good choice. Technical cooperation will improve customer efficiency, reduce cost of virtual infrastructure with HP LSI announced that it has reached a common use of LSI StoreAge SVM technology cooperation agreement. HP solutions using SVM developed a new product development function of the HP StorageWorks SAN virtualization platform, provides customers with a can improve performance and reduce the cost of heterogeneous storage consolidation and data migration solutions, the program also has a high degree of flexible disaster recovery capabilities. LSI Engenio Storage Group, executive vice president and co-general manager Flavio Santoni said: "LSI and HP has been a long time. We are very pleased to LSI the fifth generation of the common storage virtualization technology brings significant advantages of HP StorageWorks SAN virtualization platform. HP customers can not only reduce management of heterogeneous storage infrastructure complexity, but also to achieve higher efficiency. "

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