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It is understood that the purpose of this event is that the majority of the Chinese manufacturing network to build a fully participating member of the exchange platform, not only between members and operators, but also communication between members and members of the bridge. From the international exhibition to promote the salon, customer training, buyer services, customer service, and several other aspects. Cai Hongyu, vice president of China Network, said: "We just want to make members feel to the Guangzhou also have their own home, then such an opportunity to listen to users comments and suggestions to our platform. In addition, our recent marketing strategy an introduction to you. want the user to more suggestions, recommendations, so we can continue to move forward and continue to provide users with better service. "
First, the received and when cash payment paid to sing, it will not only deepen the impression, and the parties may wish to check the amount, you can also get other peoples hearing circumstantial evidence. Invoices that need reimbursement, the rise and the unit does not match the amounts that were the case, altered invoices, no receipts on the invoice recipient unit or chapter chapter, invoices and checks accounted for inconsistent side, not to accept the invoice, after completing the formalities to be reported to nucleus. Units must be signed reimbursement, pay later; collection documents the first payment, after seal; payment vouchers paid to cover chapter. Payment documents, such as withdraw cash on behalf of others, should lead people to sign on behalf of the name, and may not be on behalf of the leader who signed the name; behalf, were not employees of the unit, to indicate the relationship and being the leader and contact address. Operating income and sundry income units to the handling unit payment, based on open after receiving a financial receipt.

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