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1.static modify an attribute field, then this property will be the class of the field their own resources, public as a common modification can be outside the class to access the property through test.a; in any place inside the class can use. If be modified as private private, so only for internal use in the class. public class Test {public static int a; private Test {a = 0;}} If the property is modified as static a static kind of resource, this field is always only one, that no matter how many classes you are new test object, the operation will always belong to the class that is just a piece of memory resources. For example: Test t1 = new Test; t1.a = 10; Test t2 = new Test; System.out.println; System.out.println; System.out.println;
System.loadLibrary; ] List2. TestDLL.java source code public class TestDLL {public static void main {HelloWorld helloWorld = new HelloWorld; helloWorld.displayHelloWorld; Note: ] java native method is stated; ] into the dynamic link library, "HelloWorld" is To load the dynamic link library name. Step compiled Java class compiled Java classes in Eclipse tool. Compiled class files are automatically placed in project directory bin directory. The third step generates C / C + + header files in the windows, open a command window, enter the jnitest project bin directory under the directory, such as: D: workspacejnitest? In. Type javah-classpath D: workspacejnitest? In HelloWorld command to generate header files HelloWorld.h. As follows:

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