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Part No. : LXT6155LE
Description : Telecomm/Datacomm
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T20 is Sonys first introduction of facial recognition technology T series digital cameras, to ensure recognition of the speed and precision, Sony deliberately used the "Bionz" processor chip to achieve hardware-level face recognition. Sonys face detection technology can identify the first 8 people face and the face can be fast-tracking AF, Face-priority exposure and so on. T20 Another more important feature is added support for high-definition TV on HDTV, HD cable or through the base and the CSS-HD1 high-definition TV connection, can play T20 on photographs, video and film series shows, the maximum can output 1080P signal. Sony T Series models feature Dual Image Stabilization, T20 is also a continuation of the body has been very good. And the appearance of T20 than T10, the more beautiful fashion.
Memory also has independent power supply module, the P35 offers more front-side bus and memory frequency divider mode, so the board can even under the standard 1333MHz FSB support for the mainstream DDR2 800 memory. Motherboard supports four DDR2 800 DIMM memory slots, maximum capacity 2GB * 4 = 8GB, support for dual channel operation. Extensions, OC01P35-FGR also offers two PCI-E graphics slot to support x16 and x4 mode, dual-card platform can be easily formed, while for the graphics slot motherboard also provides an independent power supply circuit design, graphics work long hours to ensure stability.

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