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LXT361QE Datasheet | Level One
Part No. : LXT361QE
Description : Integrated T1/E1 LH/SH Transceivers for DS1/DSX-1/CSU or NTU/ISDN PRI Applications
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Page Number : 48
Manufacturer : Level One
File Size : 1738 Kb

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The traditional private network is built on carrier networks in the coverage type network, so in the full realization of the user network communication between nodes when there will be an extension of the N square problem. However, China is currently connected to enterprise network hierarchical structure of the main star, enterprise branch will not be particularly large number of access points, and now face the scalability problem is not obvious. MPLS VPN is highly scalable. One MPLS VPN network can accommodate the number of large, on the other hand, the number of nodes in the user by means of BGP protocol as members of the distribution and management of VPN users in the same unlimited number of nodes, scalable, and can achieve any node with any other nodes communicate directly. Especially in the realization of user communication between nodes do not need one by one full-mesh configuration of the circuit between the user nodes, users need only one side of the port / one line access network, avoiding the problem of the expansion of N squared.
Gold and K711 simple and stylish design. Design screen 16:9 high definition 7 inch TFT touch wide screen resolution of 800 480, provides a good display. The right side of the screen area for the function keys, touch screen plus button operation makes control more convenient and effective. Gold and K711 with the current mainstream 400MHz Samsung processor, analysis computing capability, built-in high sensitivity SiRF STAR III GPS receiver module, built-in GPS antenna, external antenna can be super high quality flat-panel antenna to receive anti-jamming capability . It is worth mentioning that there is gold and K711 WAAS tracking performance, wherever will not get lost.

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