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Part No. : LXT361LE
Description : Telecommunication IC
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Surface covered with glass screen, improves the visibility of the screen under the intense sun. External screen is a 0.5 inches 60 32 pixels 2 lines of white organic EL screen. With 3.2 million pixels CMOS auto-focus camera, support business card scanning, panoramic photography. Although it is the flagship model, but the 920SH body thickness of only 18 mm, than the previous generation flagship model "912SH" of 23 mm and 5 mm thin, weighs only 123 grams, a thin AQUOS mobile phone in the history of the flagship model, complete out of many peoples minds the heavy sense of high-end phones in Japan. Communications networks to support HSDPA, SoftBanks 3G high-speed region in the highest downlink speed of up to 3.6Mbps, new entrants to the international roaming, be the first to support international roaming AQUOS mobile phone, even out of Japan can also be used. SoftBank Mobile to support new services, "S! Music Connection", to transfer WMA format music files, in addition to Bluetooth, Yahoo! mocoa, video telephony, file browser, computer web browser, support for high-speed infrared transmission IrSimle so many functions.

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