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Statistics about between any two network devices through which the number of repeaters. 10Mbps Ethernet should not be in more than 4, the 100Mbps Fast Ethernet should not more than 2. If the number of overweight, according the standard Ethernet network topology correction, and then see the error frame is still there. First rule out whether the user accounts and security settings of the potential problems. Allow users to login from another workstation and try to repeat this operation. If successful, you can use the network test from the client to server, the link between the conditions. Then the test card, test the hardware and driver functionality and condition. If not, check the IP settings, to determine the users IP address is valid or whether there are duplicate IP addresses. This site section to determine the subnet mask and default router address is correct, DNS server address is private. If a new workstation IP address and IP address of print server replicates, it will print the work of each persons point to the new client. Use of time in the normal network, the network test instrument connected to a hub, connecting the two ends of the fiber to generate traffic, testing of health. Disconnected or connected at a time optical fiber, optical fiber connection every time when the network segment, it will observe a large number of error frames. Poor quality of the fiber link connecting the segments of its subsidiary in a lot of rubbish generated in the frame, forcing the station resend the frame, the network slows down.

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