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Hitachi "dust shield" series of projectors with Hitachi original "IDS" efficient smart dust filtration system, the system uses high-tech specialty materials micron filter, mesh diameter, much smaller, while the use of Hitachis unique dust removal technology to effectively prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine. In addition, a new dust filter area than similar models on the market increased by 33%, coupled with the design of the new Hitachi large-diameter 107mm low noise fan, optimized air flow system, increasing the ventilation rate, a substantial increase in thermal efficiency of the machine ; and that "dust shield" series with optimized cooling circuit, ensure access to the cooling air without dust, there to protect the LCD panel, light bulbs and other key optical components clean.
IT vendors, especially in the dealer training make this mistake. They tend to focus only on products, technical training, to talk about my application of the first generations of the product high-tech products, how much processing speed, memory, how much more. As everyone knows, dealers want to know and more than that, they want to know is in actual sales, what kind of methods that allow consumers to understand the professional technical language. At this point, Intel has done very well, they specifically asked me to "dual core" sales terms were popularized selling refined, and record my training as a CD-ROM and distributed to dealers nationwide. 5. The form of training distributors can not be flexible and responsive. Main features: a fixed training methods use only, not based on market demand and the development of network technology updates, the flexibility to change the form of training. To organize the countrys dealers, ranging from millions to spend, as much as tens of millions. And limited training time, the market changes so fast, it is impossible at any time new content training. Therefore, the choice is more convenient network training, satellite training, etc. is the wisdom of the times chosen.

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