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With the introduction of 160GB tape, Tandberg Data was established in 2006 in accordance with the RDX roadmap forward. With the development of mobile disk, RDX QuikStor provide security to the user, fast and easy backup and archiving solution, while providing a good investment protection. RDX QuikStor designed for high availability environments, 3.5-inch and 5.25 inch available in two sizes, the external drive to use the internal SATA connection for external drives using USB connection. Medium containing a 2.5-inch disk, using a solid shock-proof design, the media left the drive to provide security. In addition to professional-class reliability, 30MB/sec native transfer rate of the traditional backup window from hours down to minutes. For example, RDX QuikStor in less than an hour to backup 80GB of data, and can access within a few milliseconds to a backup file. RDX QuikStor tape capacities of 40GB, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB of several specifications. Forward between them, with full backward compatibility, meaning that future higher capacity, higher performance media can still be used in existing systems.
In addition, use of ergonomically designed keyboard, the keyboards keys separate from the 14 degree range for the fan-shaped design, the shoulder and wrist are more apt to relax the overall keys wavy arranged this way, the operator can be comfortable Enjoy and do not feel tired. In addition, the keyboard has eight multimedia shortcut keys, media player, E-MAIL receive a key operation, convenient and quick. MUSTANG Apple series cloth mouse pad size is 300 250mm, mouse pad patterns, many classics from the Apple desktop background, gives a strong visual impact. MUSTANG Apple series cloth mouse pad surrounding the use of advanced laser cutting technology, no flash, spinning phenomenon. Thickness of 3mm, can reduce long term operating the mouse flip Department fatigue.

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