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Part No. : LX5241CDB
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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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The display uses a new generation of all new Centrino mobile technology, which delivers outstanding mobile performance and image processing capabilities to support the extended battery life. V14W a 14-inch widescreen display area increased 30%, built-in infrared port, wireless Bluetooth chip digital products such as wireless links to complete manner; support handwriting touchpad keyboard input not only solve some poor customers problem, but also subtle solved using Pinyin, Wubi input methods such as keyboard input when switching fast; fingerprint recognition to build the strongest line of defense, important documents and data security is guaranteed; FM-Radio to become the new leisure and mobile office solutions, mobile Apart from office to hear "MUSIC RADIO" possible. VS3 is the worlds smallest notebook with next-generation Centrino platform, computers, real notebook size, 1.3Kg weight reduction for the business people moving load index.

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