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Part No. : LX5112CDP
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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LX5112CDP Article About

Conceptually, multifunctional digital machines not only subvert the traditional printing methods, but also incorporates the functions of copying, printing, faxing, scanning, and more use of features to provide users with more convenient, are locate in the high-end professional office products, and the performance even better. Therefore, multifunctional digital machines without any doubt, in the main purpose of public service among government departments. In many sectors, the court, especially the demand for complex machine different and special. For the Court, strict confidentiality and high work efficiency, is a problem in recent years has been confused.
2003, Xu Guangbin with another partner took out all their savings, in the original Lanmang studio founded on the basis of "Xiamen Lanmang Technology Co., Ltd." After buying the company when all the office equipment and supplies when They instantly become a real proletarian, who has not a penny, and naturally, what wages will not even think of. But they are young, entrepreneurial enthusiasm has been high every day, overtime, midnight, one or two, three or four points is normal. Bedroom rental office address, office room, the room is the nearest place to sleep. Work and daily life in the company of two young men, except to go out to buy some food to eat, they almost stay at home, this day, lasted for six months.

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