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And most other things, are dependent on funding. Hundreds of billions have been put into the software used in x86, even though the technology industry, Intels most influential companies, it is difficult to make the developer to withdraw from these investments. Performance 45-nanometer chip, 45% - Intel released technical details of next-generation Penryn family of processors Intel Corporation Stephen L. Smith, vice president of the Asian media by conference call the next generation Penryn family of processors released the technical details. He said the family of processors will be put into operation this year, with the Core micro-architecture, 45-nanometer manufacturing process and high-k gate dielectric + metal gate transistors, the performance range of up to 45%. According to Stephen L. Smith introduced, Intel has developed more than 15 45nm processor, which belong to the Penryn family, including dual-core and quad-core desktop processor, dual-core notebook processor and dual-core and quad-core server processing device. Based on 65-nanometer process than the previous generation product, Penryn family of processors increases about 2 times the number of transistors, transistor switching speed by 20%. For example, the quad-core Penryn processor family integrates 820 million transistors, they are able to switch the speed of light.
rstate field defines the record entry is called the run level, rstate can be run by one or more levels of structure, it can be empty, empty represents the run level 0 to 6. When a request to change run level init, those rstate field level are not included in the process of the new operation will receive the warning signal SIGTERM and the last to be killed; only a, b, c startup commands outside. perform action field tells init action, namely, how to handle the process field to specify the process, action field allowed values and the corresponding actions are: 10) sysinit: The specified process was performed before accessing the console, so that the record entry only for the initialization of certain devices, intended to make such a device init user questions related to the problem of run level, init to wait until the end of the process to continue running.

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