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Part No. : LX1662CD
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Page Number : 15
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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LX1662CD Article About

Special high-quality hotel in the LG TV series, LG 47LH30RC can be described as an outstanding representative of the hotel television. From the performance, this LG 47-inch Full HD LCD TV with IPS LCD panel, wide viewing angle can bring a real visual treat. IPS LCD panel, while the addition of effective control of backlight brightness and reduce the loss of backlight, well played a role in energy saving. Also equipped with the latest version of 09 XD engine, effectively raising the quality. Interfaces are also diverse, including the AV interface, the output port group 2, HDMI interface, 3 groups, USB2.0 Interface Group 1, S-Video interface 1 unit, etc., rich and humane. Back to the hotel rooms so that visitors can, through the corresponding port will visit the Expo Pavilion to enjoy shooting pictures to TV.
Purchasing this monitor all day, the top five consumer friends, low price of only 1999 yuan in the market price of 2,150 yuan to get the HP V216 widescreen LCD, price very good. Only five a day Oh, hurry up to interested friends shot it. Exterior design, the V216 launch of this new HP LCD monitors used in the body of the machine after the previous black color with silver, the popular narrow design make HP V216 both simple and elegant yet stylish atmosphere. Display border around the chamfered corner part of the design are used, such as to fill the gap so that the overall appearance of smooth, rounded another corner and streamlined design also makes it quite the Nordic style. The end of the border on both sides of the monitor is also designed with built-in multimedia speakers, user-friendly multimedia applications daily. Base side, the display uses a circular plastic material base, silver base and black body produces contrast, to display structured, more stylish, beautiful with age.

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