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Intrusion detection system as a proactive security tools, provides internal attacks and external attacks and misuse of the real-time protection, computer networks and systems at risk before the warning, interception and response. It has the following main functions: detection and recording through network security violations, punish cyber-crime, to prevent network intrusion incidents; detection of other security measures failed to prevent attacks or security breaches; detect attacks before hackers detect behavior in advance to alert an administrator; reporting computer system or network security threats that exist; provide attack information to help administrators diagnose security vulnerabilities exist in the network, which will help it to repair; in large, complex computer network layout intrusion detection systems, can significantly improve the quality of network security management.
The following is to use this tool on Gainwards 8600GTS shader frequency of changes to the test, take a look at the effectiveness of software functions. 1 This EXPERTOOL software tools must be used with NVIDIA 163.71 drivers to use than version 2. Overclocking during SHADER independent LINK CLOCKS should remove this item from the catch, not only with the core frequency SHADER conciliation and mediation. After conducting an independent overclocking SHADER 3, you must drag the brace about the core frequency, rise and fall at random 1 or a few MHz, this drive will read the new set of SHADER frequency, which is currently a NV driver BUG, I believe the future will improve. Through the test results, the Gainward card with the gift EXPERTOOL is feasible and effective tool, thus greatly facilitate the consumers to buy Gainward graphics cards to enable them to easily overclock Fun shader frequency. In the existing brand products, Gainward starting the overclocking shader features integrated software market once again walk in the front, commendable! Gainward hope to get better and better!

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