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Part No. : LTC4230CGN
Description : Triple Hot Swap Controller with Multifunction Current Control
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Manufacturer : Linear Technology
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Board adopted a mature phase power design, equipped with a closed-end inductance and a large number of high-quality solid capacitors, to ensure the stability of CPU power. The mainboard provides two DIMM memory slots, supports DDR2 800 memory; disk interface, the provision of the 4 SATA 2 interface, to meet the various needs of consumers, also provides an IDE device interface. The mainboard provides one PCI-E x16 slot was alone, two PCI slots, user demand for more expansion. The mainboard provides 4 USB port, 10/100/1000M Ethernet LAN networking and onboard 8-channel audio support. Summary: just from the work point of view, this day Long board material and design is still very good. Motherboard specifications are guaranteed to reach the current mainstream standard level for most applications. Specially designed for E-SATA interface for connecting consumers to facilitate external storage devices.

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