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Automated sign-on technology, that is, shielding the user log on the target systems process, the original users in the use of the target system, the need to enter a user name and password, automation technology through a number of scripts automatically for the user for a password and user name, and the login process for users transparent. In this way the target system generally more transparent, it can be scripted most of the target system to complete the login process. However, the preparation and use of the logon script for the user more professional, more sophisticated. Agreement with the SSO feature used to complete a typical representative is to use Kerberos protocol, Kerberos protocol provides the use of instruments to access the target system, which is currently used as a popular single sign-on technology; but this technique has some inadequate, is that it requires the target system or target of the Kerberos service, which limits the number of its closed system applications such as network equipment applications; because many of the current network devices do not support Kerberos authentication.
Mozilla has recently joined the European Union agreed to a third party identity. Mozilla Chairman Mitchell Baker also with an earlier view of Google is very similar: the IE bundled with the Windows operating system will hinder competition in the browser market, reducing the users choice. The European Commission sent a letter in January this year officially notified Microsoft that opposed to IE browsers and Windows operating systems tied together. Implicated in the case was originally presented by the Opera, Microsoft within two months of receipt of the notice to respond, but also open to third parties during this period to join. Microsofts browser market share has slipped a lot in the past year, most are Firefox snatched away. According to Net Applications statistics, in January of this year, IE was 67.55% market share worldwide, compared with a year ago lost 7%; while Firefox is up 3% to 21.53%. Safari is Apples third win of 8.29% market share. Googles Chrome browser, launched last September, just a few months have seized the market share of 1.12%; while Operas market share dropped to 0.7%.

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