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This will be based on relevant standards and development, elaboration and analysis of telecommunications pole Ethernet OAM network model, management, protocol mechanism. Carrier Ethernet OAM at least meet the following requirements: * Ethernet layer network OAM functions should not rely on any particular service layer or client layer network. * Fault management. If a fault occurs, can detect defects, defect diagnosis, localization defect, notify the network management system and the failure to take appropriate measures. Automatic discovery and configuration management. OAM functions should be simple and easy to configure, making it directly a wide range of applications, or even used in large networks.
Microsoft, Yahoo must employ at least 400 engineers and provide them with competitive compensation plan. Both sides agreed to a limited, non-exclusive patent cross-licensing agreement. All details must be finalized in the Oct. 27 if the dispute will be referred to an arbitration panel decision. Google launched Google Chrome theme contains 29 kinds of tool sets. However, the claim to be Mozilla has 20,000 kinds of choices. Although the themes just change the appearance of it, but for many users think that their machines can Add a little personal flavor. And even if Chrome is the browser has always been clean and concise picture of the said user or repeatedly asked Google to join themes support. Google last week, finally joined in the development version of Chrome made themes button, now officially open the linked sites. Mozilla has set its own technology in the development, Mozilla Labs launched in March, called Personas for the plug. Grab the opportunity because, with the majority of the external user groups, so the choice of themes leader than many of Chrome. Mozilla Labs announced, Firefox now has 20,000 sets of Personas, of which more than 10,000 in the last 10 weeks just add to the mix of. The European Commission said on September 3 will be released on Oracles acquisition of Suns preliminary views.

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