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LTC1867CGN Datasheet | Linear Technology
Part No. : LTC1867CGN
Description : 12-/16-Bit, 8-Channel 200ksps ADCs
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Linear Technology
File Size : 316 Kb

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As we all know, the existing anti-virus measures to detect the virus is mainly based on attack signature standard, for "zero window" virus look powerless, but also not protect against denial of service attacks resulting. Most servers and desktop systems are often unable to perform in accordance with existing security measures, location and isolation of these devices often require a lot of wasted time and resources companies, especially if they are located deep network, the enterprise even more powerless. This problem is more complex network environment, today, is particularly serious because the company has so many "diverse": a wide variety of end users, including employees, vendors and distributors; a wide variety of terminals, including the company desktop systems, home equipment and servers; a variety of access methods, including wired, wireless, VPN and dial-up networks. Our security blueprint for Cisco NAC for a sub SDN overview, I hope to make your network security system for the development of the future bring some useful inspiration. The following are Cisco NAC program diagram: NAC can provide a host of cross-points for security technology. NAC consists of the following: it exists in the terminal system to collect different clients the security of state information security software. In this section, integrated anti-virus software products. TA has been integrated in Cisco Security Agent, use it to evaluate the operating system version, patch level and Hot Fix information and pass this information to the CTA. There will be no upgrade to the appropriate host will be limited or refused access to the entire network.
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