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The largest logistics supply chain management software vendor Brocade Information Officer Shen Kang pointed out that despite the development of global supply chain management is very balanced, but according to some successful supply chain management, United States 20 years of development transformation business point of view, all aspects of the supply chain occlusion between the increasingly close collaboration between enterprises have gradually matured. The key to the success of these enterprises, through building a sound information, to achieve the "Integrated Supply Chain Management", then the integration by strengthening supply chain management and close coordination between the various links to find the best logistics for enterprises services is available. In sharp contrast, those without the energy used to strengthen information management business, is experiencing unprecedented difficulties. "Supply chain integration management" is not simply a slogan, but to implement in practice, this is the cornerstone of information management.
Affected by the economic downturn, Microsoft, the first decline in revenue in fiscal 2009 and cut salaries of senior management. As of the end of June, Microsofts 2009 fiscal year, revenue fell 3% to 58.4 billion. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Remuneration Committee considers that the wages of "low", the compensation in fiscal 2008 from the 1.35 million U.S. dollars to 1.28 million. As Microsofts Ballmer holds 4.8% of the ordinary shares, second only to Bill Gates, chairman of the shares held. According to performance evaluation, Ballmer receive 90% of their basic salary incentives. Evaluation includes Microsoft "Windows and Web search," the progress achieved in the field. Juniper former COO of Stevenage Roper joined Microsoft in 2008, as head of Microsofts corporate sector. The sector suffered due to the economic downturn hit, revenues decreased $ 35,000,000, profit fell 2%, its 2009 fiscal year bonus is only 60% of the original plan. But payment of financial relief and other subsidies to the Yiluo Pu, the total compensation of 1180 U.S. dollars, higher than any executive compensation. Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner pay reduced by the $ 9,200,000 to $ 7,900,000; prize of 480 million, 68% of the original plan, lower than 40% in fiscal 2008. Entertainment and Devices Division Robbie Bach, president of total compensation was $ 6,200,000 and received $ 4,400,000 worth of stock awards; prize money of $ 5,600,000, 80% of the original plan, lower than 27% in fiscal 2008. Microsoft pointed out that the leadership of the department Bach profit fell 328 million. Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell pay increase from the $ 2,900,000 $ 3,700,000 and received $ 2,500,000 worth of stock awards. Riddle of the prize is 290 million, is the original Intel is scheduled to be launched before the end of the Moblin 2.1 operating system, may be mobile devices and Windows desktop market plunged the elan of it? Last week in San Francisco at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel released beta version of Moblin 2.1 open source operating system, aimed at including smart phones, netbooks, mini-desktop, mobile Internet devices and vehicle systems and other equipment.

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