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LTC1647-2CS8 Datasheet | Linear Technology
Part No. : LTC1647-2CS8
Description : Dual Hot Swap Controllers
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Page Number : 20
Manufacturer : Linear Technology
File Size : 250 Kb

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First look at a "face" synscan data issued by the features: only the SYN flag set, it was merely a normal TCP packet "looks." TCP window size is always 40 instead of 1028.40 is the initial SYN packet in a rare small window size, than the normal value of 1028 is much more rare. "Reflexive" port number is 53, not 21. Older versions of BIND use of "reflexive" port used for special operations, a new version of BIND is no longer using it, so this information will enable us to often see the eyes wide open suspicion. Above 3 kinds of data generated with the standard synscan has a lot of data out, so it can be concluded that the tools produce different versions or synscan, or other tools based on synscan code. Obviously, the definition of the characteristics of the front can no longer be the "face" identified as three features of child has changed dramatically. At this time, we can take three approaches:
Completely silent graphics card with passive cooling device, the memory is also covered by the heat sink. Heat pipe extends to the graphics card on the back, the back of the heat sink quite magnificent! Supply side of the core and memory with independent power supply, and daily use of KZJ nichicon capacitor and a number of days of solid capacitors stars to meet the long-term users in the overclocking and the demanding requirements of high-load operation. DDR3 memory is used in Qimonda 1.4ns memory particles, four-sided form 256M/128Bit specification, the default rate reached a 600/1400MHz. Output part of the support for dual DVI + S-Video output, and native support for HDMI, built-in HDCP key. For as long as 699 yuan, sturdy piece of property best suited to graphics to create high-definition entertainment platform is yours.

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