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For example, Kentsfield uses two Conroe, Clovertown uses two Woodcrest. Smith said, our approach allows us to introduce quad-core chips ahead of schedule, competitors began offering four-core chip, weve sold a lot of quad-core server chips. Smith said that in addition early introduction of products in the market, Intels multi-chip packaging methods have other advantages. Intel dual-core or in the quad-core chips use the same chip, can more easily meet the market demand for their products. This approach also can improve chip yield, he said, we can learn from each wafer produced 20% more than quad-core chip, which makes Intels production costs by at least 10%.
In the network storage, Iomega introduced a new generation this year, network attached storage server. The new Iomega NAS P435m, P440m and P445m servers to Microsoft Windows driver that provides easy management of up to 2000GB storage capacity, most suitable for small IT companies with limited budgets. According to China Business Development Manager, Iomega said Shi Yunlong, Iomega and Computer Associates International Inc. has reached a global OEM agreement, jointly launched the NAS backup solution, and will visit China next year for domestic SMEs to provide outstanding storage performance , safe, reliable and competitively priced enterprise storage solution.

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