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LTC1404CS8 Datasheet | Linear Technology
Part No. : LTC1404CS8
Description : Complete SO-8, 12-Bit, 600ksps ADC with Shutdown
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Page Number : 24
Manufacturer : Linear Technology
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View of the rapid development of IP networks and technologies, design and software development in the agreement is difficult to avoid the defects and flaws in time to test before large-scale applications, it is difficult to find them completely excluded, this also resulted in a variety of malicious attacks can take the machine. In addition, IP is difficult to identify the user, makes it difficult to track and stop the attacker. Moreover, IP and broadband highly intelligent terminals, together with its favorable billing patterns more conducive to a malicious user to easily and cost-effective implementation of large-scale attacks. The technical difficulty of manufacturing such attacks become more and more easily, which makes this illegal intrusion and malicious attacks increase, wantonly spread, very hard to detect cause for concern. Of course, IP protocol caused by open and transparent nature of the security shortcomings, has brought its flexible and effective multi-service broadband value-added, easy to reduce the cost of interconnection and market applications and other obvious advantages and attractive.
Motherboard power supply part of a four-phase power design, materials used for the whole closed inductance, provide a stable current for the processor. The mainboard provides two DIMM memory slots support dual channel DDR2 533 memory up to 2GB installed capacity. 2 SATA interfaces provide support 3GB / s transfer rate, and provides native IDE interface. Onboard 1 PCI-E x16 graphics slot, three PCI interface to provide additional. Motherboard I / O interface provides four USB interface, compatible with older equipment, LPT printer port and serial port. Edit Comment: EPoX board which work solid, stable performance to provide users with the use of platform. Again near the November edition of which EPoX raised to 319 yuan 945PL revere, cost more prominent, allowing consumers to have more affordable choices.

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