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Back in 2008, the SASAC issued a document made clear on the requirements of state-owned enterprises, requiring great efforts to strengthen corporate governance of the enterprise internal control. Report on the 121 enterprises under SASAC overall budget management software application to surveys: from the document issued two years since, there are still more than 45% of overall budget management companies only stay in the institution-building level, resulting in the overall budget is often the enterprise on paper, for the enterprise cost savings, improve corporate finance, the role of management is not transparent. However, with Premier Wen on further emphasized in the two state-owned enterprises to strengthen management of the release of internal speech, the overall budget management software that will open up the market. Also reported that the construction of a comprehensive budget management system is the basis for the implementation of automation software, the fundamentals down, the overall budget management of information technology for the implementation will have a strong scientific. Thus, the SAC healthy enterprise demand for the overall budget software market will fully open in the next three years.
Before we begin optimization system or simply mention about upgrading memory errors. The current rising notebook memory performance, mainstream memory specifications for DDR2 667MHz. Memory bandwidth difference between notebook and desktop PC is not great. With the reduced cost of memory to their laptop a lot of friends to upgrade to 1GB or more, here we need to remind users that in the 32-bit operating system, the system can only provide 3.5GB of memory addressing, more than 3.5GB of 32 bit operating system does not help improve performance. So we upgraded to 2GB maximum memory, of course, use the Server Edition operating system or 64-bit vista friends despite the use of 4GB or more memory. Memory Management] New IoPageLockLimit key. According to modify your memory hexadecimal values, recommended values are as follows: Shenzhou added a newcomer in the low-cost, using 1GB RAM, T2310 dual-core processors shipped F232S Shenzhou days of shocking prices to 3,999 yuan on stage. The 100GB hard drive and wireless card with low-cost model also features a new mold, is cause for concern.

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