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LT5546EUF Datasheet | Linear Technology
Part No. : LT5546EUF
Description : 40MHz to 500MHz VGA and I/Q Demodulator with 17MHz Baseband Bandwidth
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Linear Technology
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Five of Gansu, Source: IT network of experts, Editor: Zhang Yan Jun ,2008-05-04 17:48 This article describes how the composition of the traditional local area network router for the ISA network transformation, and network access restrictions to achieve isolation, to improve internal and external network security. Before the transformation of the enterprise network topology shown in Figure 1, all servers in the network directly connected to the core switch, the workstation is divided into three functional departments based on the subnet, through the access layer switches to the core switches. 1. Transformation of reasons: because the companies do not have full-time network management, server management is often neglected patch can not be timely, the system has serious flaws. Servers are often subjected to external or internal clients from the attack, resulting in the disclosure of corporate information, the server paralysis. . As far as possible the structure does not present major changes to the network to achieve smooth network transformation. 2. Programme: Based on the above analysis, I decided on the LAN using ISA Server 2006 to deploy a ISA server instead of the "router" connection Internet. Server and each subnet are connected through a switch to the ISA = server, the network isolation, then in the ISA Server Client Access server to the UAC control, network topology after the transformation shown in Figure 2.

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