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Unicode is a character encoding standard, is compatible with dozens of languages and the pronunciation of identification symbols marked with the Roman alphabet. ASCII is the adopted standard for decades, the number of characters to 128 or 256 characters is limited and difficult to cross the old Remington typewriter characters beyond. Davis pointed out, Unicode in early December last year, beat the ASCII and Western European encoding. He said: not only beyond, more impressive is that so soon catch up. He said, pointing to a chart display Unicode usage skyrocket. Unicode Web site will be very fond of Google, when Google data processing site will be converted to Unicode, this way can strengthen the international search. Davis said that the current data into Google only the 5.1 version of the Unicode, so can speak Malay and other languages so that those who can now search for text containing the new characters.
Analysis of IP network management needs of its own security, summed up the trend in the evolution of security management, made the goal of building safety management, system functional requirements and evaluation methods. IP network is the basis of telecommunications networks, network security is to ensure that the basis of network quality. With the rapid development of broadband services, data services operators offer more and more, so the network and information security has become more important. At the same time, the openness of the Internet network operators to bring more and more security risks, Internet network security management is urgently needed to strengthen. For operators, the corresponding safety management system and construction of means of detection is imperative. Ministry of Information Industry on Internet security issues very seriously, requiring the operators to develop "Internet network security contingency plans." According to the requirements of the Ministry of Information Industry, the operators have in building the Internet network security emergency organization system, from the personnel and organizational structure to provide protection, but the relative lack of appropriate safety management systems and technical means. In order to meet the needs of Internet business development and enhance the Internet network security management, the operators are actively engaged in construction safety management system.

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