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After taking office, Adam of sales and marketing team to re-adjust, try to partners and customers with the greatest value of the implementation is called "backup alert" partner program, partners and customers for higher profit margins lead to more Great value, and launched a dedicated storage management site ARCserve.com. Adam also promote the establishment of a set of rules for new product development, the measure will ensure that every year CA Technologies provides innovative, high-quality ARCserve, XOsoft, and Erwin product line, to help partners to provide maintenance costs for the added value of existing customers, and new customers with the best solutions to deal with the most pressure on the business challenges. Adam joined the CA Technologies in 1998, the company has held several leadership positions. In this role, he served as the CA channel strategy and cooperation with the Global Vice President, responsible for CA Technologies channel strategy, plans and global partnerships. CA Technologies Adam also managed some of the work of the global OEM and channel sales and channel Erwin within the sales organizations.
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