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Part No. : LT5515EUF
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Hazard # 1: SOA across the firewall to access external services. Web-based third-party services for the trust is no doubt with security issues. Then enable security software, such as scrambling, digital signatures and other cryptographic operations. Wagner said the problem is that "SOA will be carried out within an hour hundreds of times this kind of action, increasing the workload of the computer." Furthermore, he observed that "this is a qualitative change", rather than quantitative. The best solution: technology can play some role, but Wagner believes that the best solution might be to tell employees to access those external services. Hidden # 2: XML document. Wagner said, "XML basically can include any type of executable files or data, including those destructive files." SOA XML may increase the number of transmission, therefore, according to orders of magnitude higher chance of being exploited. Transmitted data stream may be entering into the malicious software.
Heres some of the prepared SQL statement where clause of the issues that need attention to detail. Where clause in these, even if there is some index of the column, but due to poor preparation of SQL, the system is running the SQL statement can not use the index, but also uses full table scan, which resulted in a very responsive large decrease. 1. IS NULL and IS NOT NULL can not be null for the index, any column that contains null values will not be included in the index. Even if the index case of multiple columns, as long as there is a column that contains null, the column will be excluded from the index. This means that if there is a column a null value, even if the construction of the index of the column will not improve performance.

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