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LT3851 Datasheet | Littelfuse
Part No. : LT3851
Description : Class T Fuse Blocks - 300 and 600 Volt
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : Littelfuse
File Size : 526 Kb

LT3851 Article About

Because it is point to point connection, the logic of the traditional private network topology of adjustment is relatively complex. For the user may need to add, delete the circuit, modify the routing configuration. Operators but also in the network side of the circuit corresponding additions, deletions, and the need to configure one by one, maintaining a larger workload. MPLS VPN parameters can be adjusted by the network side, it is easy to implement user nodes of the star, full mesh and any other form of logical topology to meet the users on the internal management requirements between nodes. The logical topology does not require the user to adjust the side to add any lines or change any configuration on the network side can be completed entirely, completely transparent to users, effectively reducing the maintenance workload of the user.
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