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LT319AN Datasheet | Linear Technology
Part No. : LT319AN
Description : Dual Comparator
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Linear Technology
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Operators Union operation is implemented as follows: the users network login time, access controller will send the users logon request to a Portal server, the server operators from which to judge the user, whether it is operating coalition members. After the positive response received, an operator identification information to the AC, while recognizing the legitimate users. For example, it is the user roaming operator A to operator Bs network, the access controller in the user access network, the operators A and B simultaneously transmit the billing information and user information, the two sides according to the previous into roaming agreements. Once heard one of the WLAN technology inventor Links mentioned, 3G is a WLAN plus GPRS. Might sound when you can not help but surprise, think carefully about it also felt there was some truth, although WLAN can not be everywhere, but for the people living in the city, WLAN has become increasingly convenient to use, after all, not everyone needs while driving watch broadband movies.
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