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Part No. : LT2105CS8
Description : TRANSISTOR | BJT | NPN | 200MA I(C) | TO-117
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The series processors add a "kernel-level lock-step" technology, can not be detected by the kernel to eliminate errors to improve data integrity and application reliability, significantly enhance the Itanium platform, the stable operation of mission-critical capabilities. Kernel-level lock-step with the existing socket-level lockstep technology, but also to ensure that the results in consistency between the kernel and the slots, so as to provide a higher platform reliability, availability and manageability. Another new feature "on-demand distribution" in the server utilization is low, lower power consumption, save energy costs. In addition, the dual-core Intel Itanium processor 9100 series also features up to 1.66 GHz clock speed and 667 MHz front side bus, and was able to control the power level of 104 watts or less. 3 can also load the bus and high performance computing tasks for businesses to provide higher bandwidth.

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