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Low-carbon coal-based energy conversion technologies is the focus from coal to cleaner production, the use of underground coal gasification technology to achieve safe and efficient use of coal. According to reports, the new pan-Austrian group to network can be added in the underground gasification of coal gasification agent controllable for follow-up to provide low-cost energy production synthesis gas. Synthesis gas generation, and then realized through co-generation gas-electric power generation, will be one more clean energy into secondary energy. As ENN application of the technology built in Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu no pit underground coal gasification demonstration projects of industrialization has been successfully in operation for 10 months. "40-50% compared to traditional coal mining rate of utilization of coal gasification technology can increase to 73%, and is particularly suitable for low calorific value of coal, lignite and waste." ENN chief scientist, said Gan School .
MySQL Marten Mickos former leaders openly called for the EU authorities approved Oracles acquisition of Sun and its MySQL database sector, that further delay will harm the EUs highly protected market competition. Micko sent to members of the EU Competition Commission Neelie Kroes said in a letter, the question Oracles acquisition of Sun and its open-source database software will hurt the market is correct. However, in 2001 to 2009 in charge of MySQLs Mickos believes that Oracles acquisition would not harm competition, and delay this transaction will have adverse consequences. He wrote: "Each additional day of uncertainty, could seriously hurt the Sun of the business, reduce competition in the market. Thus, delaying the completion of this transaction, will not help you in undertaking this investigation, like honorable pursuit of goals. "Mickos calls can affect the authorities still do not know, but he understands the business of MySQL, Oracle also needs all the help to achieve this transaction. U.S. Department of Justice approved the case in August this year.

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