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"Toshiba, Toshiba, Toshibas new era" and "ok karaoke recorder, Hitachis 777" and other Japanese popular north and south line appliance ads, at that time, Toshibas products in peoples eyes can be described as fashion, a synonym for high technology, is also a symbol of high quality. In the next ten years, Japanese home appliance companies in the country has maintained a good brand recognition and market performance. With the reform and opening up through thirty years, Chinas rapid economic development, industry is booming, the electronic information industry, especially in manufacturing has made great progress. Global electronic information and the competitive landscape has changed a few decades ago, China became the worlds attention in the electronics market, the products on the market are also increasingly rich, the corresponding naturally become more intense market competition.
It is understood that the fund will be managed by the Shanghai joint creation, focusing on investment in the mainland in the early stages of emerging entrepreneurial communications companies, the project is limited to mainland China. Alcatel side said that, in addition to financial investment, Alcatel is also responsible for investment projects promising technology due diligence, in appropriate circumstances, investment projects, Alcatel will provide labs to help test the product prototype and verification, and their commercial cooperation. President of Alcatel Asia Pacific, said Shipei Xing, China, North America and Europe tied to our three research and innovation base, we not only continue to strengthen its research and development efforts, but also hope that the risk of effective use of international investment on the worlds largest communications market innovative technologies to track and cooperation. Alcatel vice president of research and innovation Hua Kwan said: "China is our original research with the most cutting-edge telecommunications technology to maintain close ties of relationship."

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