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Saying goes: "one-third of Technology, seven management", security management is the basis of network security, security, security management technology is in line with the auxiliary measures. We have set up a campus network security management, to develop detailed safety management system, such as room management system, virus prevention system, etc., and take effective measures to ensure the implementation of the system. Second phase of the campus network has been completed, the Central University of Finance and the campus network system which is in the busy run, the virus infection rate decreased significantly, harmful information and unhealthy Internet content greatly reduced, enabling the campus network security has been guaranteed. With the strengthening of cooperation in the future, the school campus network construction will have a profound impact.
Microsoft Fast Boot is obviously a priority project, and may be incorporated into the next version of the operating system, Windows 7. Engineer Michael Fortin August this year, wrote in a blog post: Windows 7s primary objectives is to significantly increase the boot time going through a very good number of systems. In the laboratory, a very good system is less than 15 seconds to boot the system. Microsoft has more closely with PC makers for Windows 7 and Windows Vista to cooperate to improve the system boot time and other issues. Results are expected to show at the end of the first wave of holiday shopping season, a new market PC. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last week, the market analyst firm Gartners annual Symposium ITxpo conference, Windows 7 and Windows Vista will be similar, but much better than the latter.

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