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LOG102AID Datasheet | Texas Instruments
Part No. : LOG102AID
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Page Number : 13
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
File Size : 247 Kb

LOG102AID Article About

Virus Name: Exploit.ANIfile.aa Chinese name: "ANI poison" aa virus variant length: 1845 byte Virus Type: Worm hazard rating: ] ] of platforms: Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003Exploit.ANIfile. aa "ANI drug" is a variant of aa use of Microsofts MS07-017 vulnerability to download malware worm. If the users computer without installing the Microsoft MS07-017 patch, when a user visits with the "ANI drug" aa variant of a malicious Web site, in the background as the implementation of the specified unlawful malicious ANI file code from the specified site to download a variety of malicious programs, SYSTEM system privilege through the infected computer to call in the implementation of them.
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