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Part No. : LMX2325TMC
Description : Analog IC
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LMX2325TMC Article About

Needed to solve for Industrial Securities slow system response and ongoing problem of low capacity, Radwares intelligent application of its industry-leading service providers, through a number of cases for their experience and the actual situation of research planning and the establishment of the overall solution . So that it can ensure a better response rate to improve real-time trading systems, while ensuring business continuity, and can the bull market in the future may face increased significantly in case of on-demand access to the flexibility to expand server system to handle. It is understood that the system mainly includes three parts: the first part of the business system server group; the second part is the core switch layer switch with Radware AppDirector 4-7, in the AppDirector configure the business system VIP, and the industry through the Radware leading intelligent content distribution technology on the business system server load balancing; third part of the Internet access up to five links with the firewall, the firewall with static address translation technology that allows Internet users to access various business systems IP.
He went to the pig outcome-oriented enterprises to inspect and exchange, found that their business system, although not perfect, but all purposeful, fast, flexible response, with less than idealistic pig, but more than than their own real estate development . Product is not the best, but sell well ... ... they are so idealistic pig in confusing: even as the perfect system for the management of extensive, in any case is an incredible thing. "Why did not as extensive a perfect system of management?" Maybe the parable is also confused the issue of doing business with many of our executives, managers, especially in the period of business transformation today. The reason is simple fact, no perfect management system are based on market-oriented, just stay in the perfect management system, level of strict control, strict reporting system-based file management system, out of the market, from the customer, the results can not improve its performance had been foreshadowed. Today, Chinese enterprises, or do not indulge in the exotic theory, the sense is our right way to do market. Manager Yang told in the first fierce urgency of President Chen; how to do? How to do? President Chen also fell into thought, a few thoughts in mind as an instant flash: 1, tearful chopped Ma Su. If not, to find customers directly in Anyang City, in fact, this idea six months ago, had thought, but when companies take into account the relatively stable Anyang City, no development of dealer, now is the season of beer, chicken-for-will, is standard the taboo, say, a short time if the dealer can not find the entire company would be fatal flawed.

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