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Konica Minolta has always been committed to providing customers superior quality products, services and solutions, and strive to create new value. In the modern information technology office in order to add their own advanced office equipment perfect security solution, so that information technology office become safe, reliable, easy simple. bizhub C451 has continued this philosophy, it has a number of management and security features. The multiple transmit function can be a single operation, they also scan the document to the SMB, e-mail, FTP, FAX, and hard disk storage box, saving time and costs, improve work efficiency. The Box function makes it easy to store and share information resources. The sector management features help users to control the use of the equipment of various departments to achieve cost control. With user authentication and copy protection, bizhub C451 to ensure sensitive information and document security. In addition, bizhub C451 is equipped with the industrys original vein authentication components, compared with fingerprint authentication, high accuracy, simple operation.
? Use Enterprise Manager to re-store the SQL Server  using T-SQL command to re-store the SQL Server  re-stored from the transaction log SQL Server  from another re-stored in the database SQL Server 7.0 versions prior to use, you can use the data transplant treatment process will be your data from the original version of SQL Server to move to the new version. This approach requires two databases must be online. You can also use two options to attach and detach your database from the original version of the migration to the new version. Need to introduce a note that you can re-store the user database, but you can not back from previous versions of the database storage system to the new SQL Server version. When the SQL Server to improve the function of the time, most of the changes are stored in the same database. New table creation and modification of existing table to make it impossible to re-store the system database.

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